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T Rex wall decoration

T Rex wall decoration
T Rex wall decoration
T Rex wall decoration
Is your child a dinosaur fan? Or are you afraid of monsters? Bet on our wall decoration! At night it will scare away any fear lurking under the bed, during the day it will be a unique decoration of the room.
Especially for the lover of these prehistoric reptiles.

Our T-rex is made entirely of hardwood plywood. Elements are arranged like puzzles, it's fun! Every toddler can handle it :)
Fasteners included, you don't have to worry about how the dinosaur should be on the wall. You don't have to drill holes, and when you decide to change the place will not leave a trace. The dinosaur can be mounted in a mirror image.

The dinosaur comes in three sizes:

- XL set approx 135cm high, 170cm wide

- set M, approx 100cm high, 125cm wide

- set S, height 67 cm, 85 cm wide

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100x125 cm
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